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Strengthening Local Governance in Moldova

To improve governance, transparency, and economic growth, the Local Government Support Project partnered with local Moldovan governments providing basic, efficient, and effective governmental services.
Moldova faced key development challenges that affect local government provision of services, including insufficient financial resources, low levels of foreign investment and job creation,  financially inefficient energy dependency, and insufficient resources to adequately implement decentralized authorities. Through the Local Government Support Project, Chemonics and USAID worked with local governments across the country to improve municipal service delivery, increase local government revenues, improve financial management practices, and develop and implement local energy efficiency plans.

To improve service delivery, the project assisted Moldovan local governments to design and implement policies and procedures that contribute to good governance. The project also supported strategic action planning and capacity building to further assist in infrastructure improvements. By making service delivery more effective and efficient, the project’s partner towns and municipalities were better able to identify and utilize existing and new financial resources, including the creation of public-private partnership and inter-municipal cooperation opportunities that led to the development of more vibrant and prosperous communities across the country.

Additionally, the project supported the management of municipal energy efficiency projects through development of local energy efficiency action plans, analyzing the feasibility of energy efficiency projects, and the realization of energy efficiency gains. In order to have more sustainable policies not only in governance and service delivery but in the management of energy resources, local Moldovan governments and the project worked together to increase transparency and promote cost efficiency.

Project Results:
  • Led specialized training for more than 500 people - including mayors, deputy mayors, and local council members - through the Excellence in Municipal Management program
  • Invested more than $3 million in the procurement of specialized equipment for municipal enterprises
  • Trained 94 local public authority staff on energy efficiency
  • Conducted an energy efficiency public awareness campaign that reached more than 350,000 citizens

Final Report

Project Duration: 2012 - 2016


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