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Building a Human Rights-Based Approach to Public Policy in Mexico

The EnfoqueDH project is supporting the Mexican government to integrate human rights-based approaches in its legislative frameworks and institutional processes.

The Mexican government’s National Human Rights Plan is the foundation of the country’s human rights policy agenda. To support Mexico in this hallmark effort to guarantee human rights for all, the USAID EnfoqueDH project aims to strengthen the government’s legislative frameworks and institutional capacity. Together with the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, this program anchors the implementation of Mexico’s human rights plan.

EnfoqueDH promotes equitable treatment of the needs and interests of indigenous peoples and other groups often discriminated against due to ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, or social and economic factors. By pairing screening with enforcement, discriminatory barriers can be detected and eliminated before taking root, helping to protect human rights across a wide variety of contexts.

A key objective of this five-year program is incorporation of a human rights perspective within regulatory, federal, and state frameworks. To achieve this, the program supports public servants and civil society stakeholders in identifying and meeting their needs for National Human Rights Plan implementation. With annual action plans to build a functional early alert system and preventive measures that build on local experience, the program provides the technical assistance to prevent human rights violations while valuing Mexico’s existing initiatives and lessons learned.

A second objective of this program is to protect victims of human rights violations. By strengthening the national system of disappeared people, implementing general victim’s law, and establishing a gender-based violence alert, the Mexican government will heighten its institutional efforts to meet international human rights standards.

To meet its overarching objective — prevention of human rights violations — the program brings together civil society organizations, vulnerable social groups, private sector partners, and other local stakeholders. Such collaborative advocacy for human rights allows for an inclusive evaluation of public policies and more comprehensive monitoring of the protection of human rights. Through crosscutting policy design, implementation, and evaluation activities, this program supports the government in its long-established effort to build an inclusive and productive human rights agenda.


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