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Helping Malian Farmers with Financial Management Assistance

Chemonics helped Malian farmers with financial assistance to support agricultural development through a rural development institution.
​Chemonics with USAID worked on its first finance project in the Republic of Mali providing Financial Management Assistance to the Office de Développement Intégré des Productions Arachidières et Céréalières.

This project supported this rural development institution in defining a new approach to agricultural development in the groundnut belt and in investigating the scope for further investments. It consisted of a three-year program aimed at:  
  • Increasing the efficiency of agricultural production by retraining extension staff, improving seed production, distribution and storage, and strengthening the credit and marketing system
  • Promoting self-managed farmer organizations able to take over village development activities
  • Testing diversification programs to reduce the area’s dependence on groundnuts as an export crop
  • Six internationally recruited experts were engaged to strengthen key services of finance, marketing, and credit, seed multiplication, agricultural research, extension and cooperatives, and workshops.

Project Duration: 1982 − 1984.


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