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Fostering Long-Term Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan

To improve local economic opportunities in Kyrgyzstan, the USAID Local Development Program promoted rapid and sustained growth by stimulating trade and building the capacities of local enterprises.
The purpose of the three-year USAID Local Development Program (LDP) was to stimulate rapid, diversified, and sustained economic growth by supporting local economic development in Kyrgyzstan. Through the program, Chemonics trained government staff, facilitated trade, investments and access to finance, and supported priority sectors such as agriculture and textile to become engines of growth within a relatively short period.
Local elders open the sluice gate at a Run-Off Pond Launch in Lipenka AA, 062812

The project fostered partnerships among local governments, private businesses, and investors, while offering direct support to local and national government stakeholders to promote policy change that supported economic growth. LDP undertook a range of projects: from assisting local municipalities in collecting revenue for provision of services to strengthening value chains and increasing competitiveness for high-priority industries. These initiatives improved the financial sector, encouraged competition, and fostered sustainable economic growth. 
Project Results:
  • Worked with 54 partner municipalities to improve local economic development performance
  • Increased farmers’ sales by $20.9 million due to land consolidation and irrigation canal rehabilitation
  • Increased sales revenues of agricultural processing by $24.5 million as a result of technical and equipment assistance provided by LDP
  • Using new equipment provided by LDP, 17 garment producers reduced their production costs by $18.1 million
  • Assisted 75,679 farmers in seven oblasts through extension services, direct training, and land improvement activities
  • Developed five polices and recommendations for the Government of Kyrgyzstan to further local economic development

The Final Report is available in three languages: English, Russian, and Kyrgyz.

Project Duration: 2010 - 2014


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