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Building a Better Tomorrow through National Unity in Libya

To create stable conditions for an inclusive democracy, the Libya Transition Initiative fosters community cohesion, civilian governance, and democratic participation.

Despite Libya’s promising success in its post-Arab Spring elections, the country’s political divisions have resurfaced at the national and local levels and degraded state authority. The national government faces a number of challenges, including shrinking state revenue; internally displaced person flows; and the proliferation of smuggling networks, militias, and extremist groups.

The Libya Transition Initiative (LTI) works with governing authorities and local partners to address these challenges and nurture a stable and unified Libya. Funded by USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives and implemented by Chemonics, LTI supports robust civilian governance. The program operates on a theory of change that government responsiveness to community needs earns credibility. By embracing civilian governance and local reconciliation processes, LTI also aims to counter the influence of extremist groups and encourage recovery in areas previously under extremist control.

One of LTI's first activities was human rights training for members of civil society, emerging media, and youth groups. As LTI fosters peacebuilding and collaborative community dialogue, governance bodies are gaining capacity in public outreach. The program enables municipal councils across the country to conduct community services and create opportunities for participatory engagement with constituents.

In addition, LTI supports local authorities’ ability to carry out governance functions. While the authorities provide relevant and timely responses to community needs, LTI inspires and mobilizes civil society contributions as expressions of support for government responsiveness. Through family-based approaches to countering violent extremism, LTI also helps communities address drivers of violent extremism and reconcile the local conflicts that extremist groups have exploited in the past.

By addressing Libya’s challenges in this multi-pronged approach, LTI hopes to strengthen Libya’s nascent democratic foundations and promote long-term peace and stability.


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