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Promoting Public and Private Land Reform in Kyrgyzstan

By eliminating legal obstacles, providing training, and educating the public on land rights issues, the Kyrgyzstan Land Reform and Market Development Project stimulated the rural land market and improved the management of state-owned agricultural land.
Building on the Kyrgyzstan’s transition to a free-market economy over the last decade, USAID’s Kyrgyzstan Land Reform and Market Development Project, promoted the Kyrgyz citizen’s ability to buy, sell, and effectively use the nation’s agricultural land.

Kyzyljyldyz residents expect that the rehabilitated water system will help to increase their harvests.

Chemonics worked with government officials to expand the pool of agricultural landowners and ease agricultural land mortgages.  The project implemented a pilot program to voluntary consolidate degraded agricultural land and attract investors that exceeded all expectations.  The team established legal zoning rules and conducted a successful study tour, training workshops, and information campaigns.  

The project also improved the management of state-owned agricultural lands by providing direct technical assistance, such as conducting land surveys and forming strategic plans. 

Throughout the project’s implementation, political unrest impeded the team’s work.  With the April 2010 overthrow of the existing Kyrgyzstan government, land legislation changes were postponed.  Subsequently, the team initiated an extensive public awareness campaign on land rights, which included the printing of thousands of brochures and in Kyrgyz and Russian.  By increasing more productive ownership, use, and management of rural land, this project significantly contributed to the Krygyzstan’s economic prosperity and the further development of vibrant, modern agricultural markets.

Project Results

  • 124,903 direct beneficiaries
  • 10 laws and regulations on land policy drafted and presented
  • 366 land commission members trained on land auction procedures
Project Duration: 2008-2010




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