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Improving Livestock Production and Quality of Meat Exports in Kenya

The Livestock and Meat Development Study was a major effort to work with Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture to help create policy recommendations and project demands for the meat industry for the following decade.

​Chemonics, under contract with USAID, helped create a study on the livestock and meat industry for the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture by providing research and a comprehensive overview of the wide range aspects for the meat industry.

The Livestock and Meat Development Study team reviewed a wide range of documents and previous reports that had a bearing on the problem. Numerous individuals involved with or knowledgeable about the industry were interviewed, and field trips were made to all livestock-producing regions of Kenya. The team conducted an extensive analysis of the data to look at market demand for the industry and projected growth for exports and domestic demand of the country’s beef, sheep, and goat supply.

Meetings between members of the study team and key government officials were arranged where ideas and recommended policies for animal health, ranch development, marketing, rangeland and ranch development, processing, price policies, inspection and health standards, and land availability were presented and discussed. Government officials and others also reviewed material informally to make comments and suggestions.
Project Duration: 1976 − 1977.


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