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Policy Reform for a More Attractive Investment and Business Climate in the West Bank and Gaza

The Investment Climate Improvement Project assisted the Palestinian Authority in adopting and implementing laws, regulations, policies, and procedures required to bring it into compliance with the multilateral trade framework of the World Trade Organization.

​The USAID Investment Climate Improvement Project had two components: policy reform and fiscal reform. The policy reform component had two sub-components: preparing the Palestinian Authority to achieve World Trade Organization observer status and improving the business enabling environment.

Additionally, through grants and subcontracts, the project implemented four crosscutting activities:
  • A grants-under-contract program supported policy advocacy and institutional development on the part of private sector organizations, universities, and nongovernmental organizations and was designed to support reforms being addressed by the project.
  • As part of the project’s gender plan, gender-related activities meant to increase the role of women and women-owned/managed businesses in the Palestinian economy were implemented.
  • A public information and outreach campaign was implemented to increase public awareness and support for reforms being addressed by the project through all its activities and goals.
  • Institutional capacity building and training programs were provided for public and private counterparts to increase knowledge and skills needed for effective policy analysis and advocacy.
Through the project, Chemonics worked with Palestinian counterparts encompassing the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the National Economy, other trade-related ministries, and agencies of the Palestinian Authority, private-sector trade and advocacy organizations, universities and research institutions, members of the academic community, nongovernmental organizations, and the media.


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