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Integrating Environmental Standards in El Salvador’s Northern Zone

The Linking Producers to Sustainable Markets project connected El Salvador's fruit and vegetable producers with buyers and integrated environmental standards into the supply chain.

​Chemonics participated in the Global Development Alliance with USAID, Calleja Group, the Millennium Challenge Corporation's Productive Development Project, and a farmer-owned cooperative association.

The alliance brought together a unique mix of partners, assets, and competencies aimed at building the capacity of producers in El Salvador’s Northern Zone to supply fruits and vegetables that are compliant with environmental and quality standards to Super Selectos supermarkets through an efficient delivery system, reducing transaction costs for Super Selectos and increasing the competitiveness of association producers. The alliance generated increased incomes and employment for over 7,400 small-scale farmers in El Salvador’s Northern Zone.

This built on Chemonics’ work developing private-sector alliances to promote environmental and labor standards within selected supply chains of larger buyers. It also complemented Chemonics' work with thousands of fruit and vegetable producers in the Northern Zone, especially through the farmers cooperative association of El Salvador Produce.

Using existing project infrastructure, activities under this project built producers’ capacity to meet quantity and quality requirements, along with production schedules and environmental standards that Super Selectos requests.

Project Results:

  • Established a successful cold chain that strengthed commercial relationships and provided a channel for small producers to sell to larger buyers while meeting quality standards required by supermarkets and vendors in the country 
  • Over 7,400 small producers participated in the fruits and vegetables program, establishing 10,000 hectares for production and providing technical assistance in post harvest management, environmentally sound production practices, and product portfolio diversification.
  • Created 8,000 new jobs
  • Achieved over $25 million in incremental sales through the life of the project
  • Realized nearly $18 million in total private investments such as improved production technologies and high quality agricultural inputs

To learn more, read the Final Report here.

Project Duration: 2011 - 2012


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