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Promoting Sustainable Economic Opportunities in Georgia

By providing assistance to local governments, enterprises, and individuals in Georgia, the New Economic Opportunities Initiative raised incomes, reduced poverty levels, and improved food security for over 80,000 rural households.

​To encourage long-term growth in rural Georgian communities, the USAID New Economic Opportunities Initiative encouraged governments, businesses, and individuals to create community-level economic opportunities. Through grants and other tools, the initiative promoted community-level economic development planning and rural economic development and provided key support for vulnerable households and individuals.
The project consisted of four components: local economic planning, rural economic development, assistance to strengthen highly vulnerable households and individuals, and long-term housing for internally displaced people. The project worked in 10 municipalities in five regions of Georgia. 

Chemonics, through the project, facilitated local economic development planning and assisted select communities to prepare and/or update community economic development plans. By providing technical assistance and grants to enterprises in strategic value chains, the New Economic Opportunities Initiative increased income-generation potential and job opportunities for community members.
In addition, the project assisted in the establishment of housing associations or other mechanisms to promote the sustainability of internally displaced person houses constructed or rehabilitated with U.S. government support. To further bolster vulnerable populations, the project provided grant assistance to communities affected by natural disasters or other shocks. 
Project Results:

  • Created 5,578 new jobs for agricultural producers and vulnerable individuals.
  • Increased the incomes of 1,360 vulnerable households by an average of 265 percent.
  • Provided agricultural sector training to 38,447 farmers.
  • Established or expanded 6,538 microenterprises.

Final Report

Project duration: 2011-2015


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