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Feeding Farmers’ Success in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Supporting the growth needed for Bosnia and Herzegovina to enter the European Union, the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity expanded environmentally sustainable practices in the agriculture sector to lead to increased market opportunities from accession to the EU.
​To take advantage of domestic, regional, and international market opportunities, Chemonics worked with USAID and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency on the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project improved competitiveness among agricultural producers and agribusinesses by expanding production, processing, sales, and marketing of high-demand products using the latest environmentally sustainable methods.
To increase the economic value of agriculture in and Herzegovina, the activity took a demand-driven market development approach that built the capacities of farmers to identify, understand, and respond to buyer requirements and provides technical assistance across a variety of topics, such as improving standards to meet international requirements. The project focused on building market links, increasing access to finance, providing technical assistance and capacity building, and supporting policy reform.
USAID, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the local Cooperative Association focused on design and development of Our Garden, an initiative aimed at establishing business relationships between individual fruit and vegetable producers and Mercator, the largest southeastern European supermarket chain.
Project Results
  • 75 percent sales increase of high-quality dairy products
  • 16 new cheese varities introduced as a result of improved cheese production technologies
  • 30 percent reduced costs of animal feed
  • 153 percent growth in berry exports
  • 11 testing methods validated and accredited
  • 58 consultants trained in European Union rural development funding (IPARD)
  • More than 500 women trained through MAP cultirvation schools

Project duration: 2009 - 2015

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