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Restoring Public Trust in the Fairness of the Judicial System

The Fair, Accountable, Independent, and Responsible Judiciary Program in Ukraine supports legislative, regulatory, and institutional reform of judicial institutions to build a foundation for a more accountable and independent judiciary.

​An independent, impartial, and accountable judicial sector is fundamental to protection of Ukrainians' basic rights, the fair resolution of disputes, and stable economic and political development.

   Following on the successes of the Ukraine Rule of Law project, the Fair, Accountable, Independent, and Responsible Judiciary Program in Ukraine is building institutional capacity to orient the legal framework around defending citizens’ rights rather than protecting government interests, thus advancing a more accountable, transparent, and independent judiciary worthy of the public’s trust.

To support these goals, Chemonics is working with USAID to provide targeted technical assistance to enhance policies and procedures of judicial institutions. Additionally, the project partners with civil society organizations to enhance public and media involvement in the judicial reform process to ensure that the reforms supported reflect the will of the Ukrainian public and not just that of the political party in power.

These initiatives will not only contribute to reducing opportunities for corruption in the judicial system, but will also help Ukrainian judicial institutions better align themselves with European norms.

Project Goals
  • The legislative and regulatory framework for judicial reform complies with European and international norms and supports judicial accountability and independence.
  • The accountability and transparency of key judicial institutions and operations are strengthened.
  • The professionalism and effectiveness of the Ukrainian judiciary are strengthened.
  • The role of civil society organizations as advocates for and monitors of judicial reform is strengthened.


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