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Strengthening Delivery of Health and Emergency Preparedness Services in Mozambique

The Forte Saúde project supported the Mozambique Ministry of Health in its efforts to revamp delivery of health care services by providing technical assistance to improve and strengthen the local health care system.

With one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world, Mozambique’s Ministry of Health enlisted local and international partners to overhaul delivery of public health services. High poverty levels, recurring droughts and floods, lack of access to clean water and health services, and an uninformed and unprepared population all contributed to disease among Mozambicans.

A health worker shows how to care for a newborn in line with quality improvement standards.

A consortium of partners led by Chemonics International, the FORTE Saúde project—Fostering Optimization of Resources and Technical Excellence—stepped in to strengthen delivery services in reproductive and child health, disease prevention and control, and nutrition services.

To carry out its activities, Forte Saúde’s successfully established collaborative partnerships with public health officials, USAID-funded private volunteer organizations, and other international and nongovernmental partners. Forte Saúde provided both technical and financial support to better prepare Mozambique’s health care personnel to deliver services. Technological upgrades, such as new databases and survey forms, enabled government officials to better collect and share data about morbidity and mortality rates.

The project team developed several materials with the Ministry of Health, including a national monitoring and evaluation training plan, health care policy documents, and a national cervical cancer prevention plan. The project also provided support in training health facility staff in areas such as cervical cancer screening, sexual and reproductive health services, and humanistic birth care—a revolutionary approach to improve the labor and birth experience for the mother and her family.

Mozambican health care professionals benefitted from management and leadership workshops, as well as scholarships to masters’ degree programs in public health. With the introduction of innovations to the public health care system, Forte Saúde’s efforts were a catalyst for change in the health and well-being of the people of Mozambique.

Project Results:

  • 255 health professionals from central level and provinces receiving new tools and new skills
  • 111 CDs, reports, manuals, training materials, policies provided
  • 4 million people in 54 districts covered in rapid nutritional assessment

Project Duration: 2005-2009


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