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Fostering Growth of Salvadorian Small and Medium Enterprises

To increase productivity, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Program worked with the El Salvador Ministry of Economy, the private sector, and international cooperation agencies to increase access and competitiveness in the country’s business sector.
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for almost all of Salvadoran businesses, employing more than one-third of El Salvador’s workforce and contributing nearly half of the country’s gross domestic product.
By improving economic growth for a significant portion of the business sector, the USAID Small and Medium Enterprises Development Program built the capacity of micro, small, and medium enterprises to increase their productivity, competitiveness, and access to business services and the market. The business expansion of SMEs contributed to the Salvadoran economy and supported its ability to grow and expand job creation.
 Two Salvadorian workers package coffee for their small business.To create a more open, diversified, and expanded economy in El Salvador, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Program also partnered with the Ministry of Economy. Together, they implemented institutional improvements that increased the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs. In addition, the program supported the expansion of business activities in domestic and export markets in order to increase opportunities for the people of El Salvador.
Project Results
  • Assisted more than 10,900 micro, small, and medium businesses, generating in excess of $152 million in sales, $38 million of which were exports.
  • Created more than 22,000 jobs, 48 percent of which went to women.
  • Supported more than 5,500 female-led SMEs that generated $45 million in sales and 8,057 jobs.
  • Created partnerships with business development service providers and strengthened these providers in the public and private sector.
Project Duration: 2011 - 2016


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