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Modernizing Egypt’s Prosecutorial System and Increasing Knowledge of Citizens’ Legal Rights

To improve operations and transparency and to strengthen citizen rights, the Administration of Criminal Justice Project created and deployed an automated case management system, trained prosecutors, and opened information desks in prosecutorial offices nationwide.
​Through the Administration of Criminal Justice Project, implemented in partnership with USAID and the Egyptian public prosecution, Chemonics worked with the Egyptian government to improve systems and management
   The project enhanced management and administration of the prosecutorial services. In the past, prosecutorial operations were conducted using a manual, hard-copy system that did not enable ready access to case information or other data. Today, prosecutors and staff in the project’s target offices can easily retrieve statistical and other case data. They can use this data to make critical decisions on individual cases, and management can make decisions based on up-to-date information. The room for human error and discretion is reduced. Transparency is enhanced, as are productivity and efficiency. Additionally, defense counsel can more easily access their clients’ case files, which is critical to development of an effective defense.
Increased citizens’ knowledge and understanding of the right to counsel and other legal rights and responsibilities. Public information desks established through the project represent the public prosecution’s first systematic effort to reach out and provide citizens with information about the legal system and their rights and duties. The desks are a major step toward opening the operations of the prosecution to citizens and creating a more transparent system that will help foster public trust. This is particularly timely given Egypt’s 2011 revolution and its expected transition to a democratic state.
Enhanced prosecutors’ ability to protect human rights related to criminal justice, including the right to defense counsel. Through training programs, the project equipped prosecutors to more effectively fulfill their mandate to dispense justice, including safeguarding the rights of criminal defendants.
Project Results
  • Created an automated case management system, implemented it in 10 offices, networked the offices, and trained prosecutors and staff in its use; also established a state-of-the-art information technology support center for the prosecution
  • Established 19 public information desks in prosecutorial offices across Egypt
  • Developed and delivered training curricula for prosecutors on human rights and right-to-counsel issues (trained 822 prosecutors nationwide)

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Project Duration: 2006 - 2011


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