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Promoting a Globally Competitive Economy in Egypt

The Egypt Competitiveness Project eased regulatory constraints, streamlined business processes, supported innovation and entrepreneurship, improved labor skills and productivity, and modernized the financial sector.

​Through the Egypt Competitiveness Project, Chemonics and USAID expanded on critical reforms implemented by the government of Egypt to enhance the country’s competitiveness. The project supported regulatory reform through Egyptian initiatives to review and streamline business-related regulations. To simplify business processes further, it created a unified business registry that includes streamlined licensing and registry practices.

To improve productivity, the project increased labor skills by linking vocational and technical training to market needs. Supporting the roll-out of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, the project actively promoted entrepreneurship development and the start-up of new businesses by creating awareness of how to transform creative ideas into business realities.

Additionally, Chemonics strengthend and modernized the financial sector by facilitating enhanced access to finance for small and medium enterprises and assisting in development of a regulatory framework for industries. Through this approach, the project strived produced tangible results and sustainable impact that will benefit the Egyptian people.



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