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Evaluating Environmental Concerns in Ecuador

As one of Chemonics’ first projects, a team of specialists was sent to Ecuador to assess environmental concerns about such issues as deforestation, determine the best course of action, and report a planned program strategy to USAID.
A Chemonics team of three specialists with expertise in natural resources, economy management, and ecology carried out an environmental sector analysis, in USAID’s Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Concerns in Ecuador. The specialists assessed the magnitude of Ecuador’s environmental degradation through mismanagement of water resources, shifting cultivation practices, deforestation, soil erosion, and population growth.
From October until November 1979, the team consulted with private and public Ecuadorean institutions that were interested in and responsible for environmental concerns. After analyzing local and international environmental institutions and reviewing policy documents, the specialists determined the most appropriate institutional response and formulated an environmental program strategy for USAID.
Chemonics’ recommendations to USAID encouraged two objectives: to increase public and administrative awareness through education, research, and extension activities; and to strengthen Ecuadorian institutions with technical experience in environmental programs.
Project Duration: October 1979 - November 1979


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