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Promoting Peace, Security, and Licit Economic Development in Colombia

The Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative enhances economic opportunity for conflict-affected populations while strengthening civil society, state presence, and citizen participation.

Afflicted by 52 years of conflict, Colombia’s rural areas face high levels of poverty and violence associated with illegally armed groups and narco-trafficking activities. These areas are remote and isolated with weak state presence, extremely difficult topography, and minimal road infrastructure. Coca production and illegal mining fuel an illicit economy and create inequitable economic growth, particularly in the absence of effective and transparent governance.

Through the Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative - Northern and Southern Regions (CELI N/S), USAID and Chemonics are partnering to foster peace and security in the country’s conflict-affected areas. In collaboration with multiple Colombian government agencies and community and private sector actors, the program strengthens local governance and improves economic and social infrastructure.

By providing grants to Colombian community and producer organizations, CELI N/S empowers local grassroots stakeholders to take the lead in repairing basic infrastructure while improving food security and agricultural production and marketing. CELI N/S has supported 280 producer and civil society organizations, and as a result generated approximately $35 million in sales of products and services. It has also leveraged more than $192 million in public and private funds investment and benefited more than 25,000 families. As the program continues to invest in sustainable social capital, Colombia’s rural communities are taking greater ownership of their own economic development.


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