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Fighting Illegal Drugs in Colombia through Alternative Development

The Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative promotes peace and security, illicit crop eradication, access to justice, human rights, and humanitarian and development activities for conflict-affected populations.
Armed conflict, illegality, and the illicit economy are inextricably linked to weak state presence. Therefore, USAID and Chemonics have partnered to implement the Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative - Northern and Southern Regions (CELI) to strengthen state presence as the government of Colombia recovers territory and creates a minimum level of permanent territorial security.
Colombia's North and South regions are faced with great challenges in eradicating illicit crop cultivation and fighting the efficacy of illegally-armed groups. The North is faced with what is often called a "curse of resources:" the suboptimal combination of resources fueling the illicit economy and inequitable economic growth in the absence of effective and transparent governance in the management and execution of these resources. Meanwhile the Southern region remains an intransigent pocket, remote and isolated with little governance, extremely difficult topography and minimal tertiary infrastructure.
CELI activities include peace and security, illicit crop eradication, access to justice, promotion of human rights, and humanitarian and development interventions targeted at a wide range of conflict-affected populations. Project activities will help to build confidence in the Colombian government, provide the opportunity to build relations between communities and local government, and respond to local dynamics.


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