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Improving Industry Competitiveness in Moldova

To promote sustainable economic growth and prosperity in Moldova, the Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development II project provided assistance to key industries to be able to compete in the global marketplace.

​Supporting USAID’s goal of fostering economic growth in Moldova, Chemonics helped Moldovan enterprises compete at home and abroad, leading to the growth of key industries through increased sales and investment.

The Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development II project complemented and supported the Moldovan government strategy for export- and investment-driven growth and built on the successes of the Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development program, which ended in September 2010 and increased sales for participating companies by $84 million.

The project increased competitiveness in targeted industries by increasing productivity, trade, and investment, as well as improved public-private dialogue for a better business environment. The project targeted five traditional industries (apparel and textiles, fashion accessories, home furnishings, information technology, and wine) and one sector defined as emerging export industries, from which the project identified and incubated new export industries.
Using a value chain approach, Chemonics upgraded enterprise marketing and sales skills, improved productivity, and introduced new technologies. In addition to building workforce capacity and strengthening industry service providers, the project also improved the quality, positioning, and promotion of products and services produced in strategic markets, while increasing access to financing and investment. The project increased productivity, improved corporate governance, and encouraged development and application of modern technology and marketing practices, eventually allowing for European integration, economic recovery, and administrative and fiscal decentralization.
Project duration: 2010 - 2015


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