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Reducing Violence against Women and Children in Egypt

The Combating Violence against Women and Children project helped strengthen local capacity to reduce violence against women and children in Egypt.

Chemonics partnered with USAID, the National Council for Women, and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood to strengthen local capacity to advocate for and raise awareness of policy change related to violence against women and children and to respond to this type of violence.

Through the Combating Violence against Women and Children project, Chemonics  implemented the following activities. Chemonics worked with the National Council for Women to commission a ground-breaking study of violence against women, and based on recommendations from the study, has supported development of a national strategy to combat violence against women.

The project worked to implement provisions of the strategy, particularly those related to providing services to victims. To this end, the project supported local nongovernmental organizations working to combat violence against women and provide services to victims. The project provided grantees with funds, as well as technical assistance and training, to ensure that their approaches and organizational structures are sustainable after project conclusion.

The project supported implementation of the 2008 Amended Child Law, particularly provisions that establish a nationwide child protection network. It has trained child protection committees, the local bodies set up to implement the law. It also provided grant funds, technical assistance, and training to nongovernmental organizations that are providing legal and other services to vulnerable children.

Additionally, the project has renovated a Cairo-based juvenile detention facility and trained its staff in modern approaches to working with vulnerable children, so it can serve as model for similar facilities. ​
Project Results: 
  • 3,301 women received services and training on violence against women, 1,935 youth attended awareness seminars, 434 family members participated in family meetings, and 146 men attended counseling sessions.
  • 1,871 children have been provided with social and psychological counseling, 775 community members have attended awareness seminars, 29 media specialists have been trained on the role of media in community awareness, and 68,165 children have attended awareness events.
Project Duration: 2007 - 2012


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