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Partnering with Indonesia’s Justice System to Promote Reform

Working with Indonesia’s Supreme Court and Attorney General’s Office, the Changes for Justice project promoted transparency and accountability within the justice system.
Through the Changes for Justice project (C4J), Chemonics and USAID worked with Indonesia’s Supreme Court and Attorney General’s Office to sustain and deepen reforms in the justice sector and to achieve those institutions’ objectives for bureaucratic reform. 
The project promoted reforms in the following areas: enhancing management, transparency and accountability processes; increasing the capacity, integrity, and technical legal competence of judges, prosecutors, and their support staff; and improving the interface between these justice sector institutions and the Indonesian public. 
Integral to achieving reforms, the project addressed special initiatives of the U.S. government, in agreement with the counterpart institutions, to further strengthen the reform process in Indonesia’s justice sector. 
The C4J project created reforms in human resources and budgeting/finance. Additionally, the project assisted in case management, information technology, and training programs. Working with justice sector institutions, the project promoted effective communications and public information services to help build public trust in the justice sector. Under USAID funding, C4J increased the access to justice and provides targeted technical assistance in both substantive legal issues and management. Each activity was targeted specifically to women and the poor.

Project Results:

  • More than 1,000 judges trained (23 percent women)
  • 2,783 court staff trained in proper legal and administrative processes (34 percent women)
  • Training programs delivered to more than 1,000 government personnel, including a Public Engagement and Media Management program
  • 400 judges, media, and community members trained in conjunction with the Biodiversity Program

Final Report

Project Duration: 2010 - 2015



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