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Encouraging Political Transparency and Participation in Burundi

The Burundi Policy Reform Program promoted dialogue and fostered a transparent and participatory policy process by strengthening relationships among the government, civil society groups, and the media.

​Peace and security, though fragile, have been gradually restored in Burundi during the last 10 years. To promote transparency and participation in the policy process, USAID’s Burundi Policy Reform Program strengthened public dialogue and relationships among the government, civil society, and the media. The program also improved the effectiveness of policy development and implementation to assist the overall political process.
Project Land and Water Advisor presents land code materials to the U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, Pamela Slutz.

Through training, policy discussions, and grant-making, Chemonics and USAID built the capacity of government, civil society, and media to understand and discuss policy matters in an informed and inclusive manner. Policy areas focused on issues related to land, water, and good governance.

Capacity building sessions covered conflict management, anticorruption, and advocacy. Public access to policy reforms concerning important issues encouraged civic political participation while reinforcing civil society’s role as an advocate.

Project Results: 
  • Provided medical and legal assistance to 453 victims of torture
  • Trained 600 members of civil society and 500 members of government in anticorruption
  • Strengthened 24 of 27 Burundian ministries through capacity building

Project Duration: 2007-2011


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