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Promoting Agricultural Growth in Ukraine

To develop effective agricultural markets and create sustainable financial access, AgroInvest accelerated economic recovery through a more inclusive and competitive agricultural industry in Ukraine.

As the world’s fourth-largest exporter of grain and top exporter of sunflower oil, Ukraine’s agricultural sector is a major economic driver for the country, employing nearly a quarter of the workforce.

Through AgroInvest, Chemonics and USAID targeted Ukraine’s agriculture industry to support a stable, market-oriented policy environment, stimulate access to finance, and facilitate the creation of market infrastructure for small- and medium-scale producers. This increase in agricultural investment boosted a significant portion of Ukraine’s markets, leading to a more successful economic future. 

Through an extensive series of networking initiatives and roundtables with key stakeholders, the project assisted with formulating concepts and plans for the development of wholesale and regional agriculture markets based on public-private partnerships in Crimea, Rivne, and Ivano-Frankivsk. AgroInvest also strengthened the capacity of more than 20 producer organizations to improve sector competitiveness and market links.

Under the project, Chemonics worked with local stakeholders to reform agriculture policy to lift the moratorium on agricultural land sales, an obstacle that has prevented the formation of many land development projects. The project also promoted cooperative development, better access to agricultural financing, and strengthened producer organizations. AgroInvest created a more investment-friendly tax and subsidy regime and assisted in policy to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers in compliance with World Trade Organization standards.

In addition, the project established formal partnership arrangements with two credit unions associations to facilitate better access to finance for small- and medium-scale producers in the agriculture sector. Credit models were designed in conjunction with credit union associations to ensure major project impact on lending to small- and medium-scale producers.

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Project Results
  • ​Supported the development of more than 75 pieces of draft legislation, regulations, and administrative procedures to reform agriculture policy
  • Reached 35 million Ukrainians in a national awareness campaign to help citizens understand and protect their land rights
  • ​Helped 55,000 rural citizens obtain land deeds and resolved 885 land conflicts
  • Strengthened the administrative and technical capacities of 20 agricultural service cooperatives and 32 agriculturally focused industry associations
Project Duration: 2011 - 2016


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