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Building the Capacity to Fight HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Through management systems, communications, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, the AIDS Capacity Enhancement Project strengthened the capacity of Ugandan organizations to achieve and sustain results in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment.
​In building Uganda’s capacity to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS, the AIDS Capacity Enhancement Project worked to provide strategic capacity building and technical assistance to targeted institutions for improved and sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment program outcomes from 2005 until 2009. USAID initiated the project to leverage existing investments in Ugandan institutions and enable them to maximize coverage with high-quality services by strengthening their governance, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, management information systems, and communication.

Specifically, Chemonics, through the project, supported Uganda’s effort to have one national HIV/AIDS strategic framework, one coordinating body, and one set of monitoring and evaluation indicators. The project helped several of the organizations in their strategic planning and financial management systems, which supported their growth as organizations and allowed them to leverage additional donor funds. The project strengthened their capacity in monitoring and evaluation, communications, health management information systems, and leadership, to support their efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through these interventions, the project maximized investments to improve the organizations’ ability to deliver results in the long term.
The project sourced technical assistance through 25 Ugandan consulting firms, which are now seen as major sources of support for the partners. Major achievements included development of a Web-enabled health management information system for the Ministry of Health, now used in 40 districts and databases in service delivery organizations to support monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, the project work with local partners developed integrated financial management systems that link financial and programmatic information, tools to guide board and management functions, policies to streamline organization operations, and leadership and coaching programs to provide leaders with skills to manage change.
Project Duration: 2005 - 2009


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