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Integrated and multi-sectoral approaches that address the most critical health challenges

At Chemonics, development is more than a passion or calling. It’s a profession. So our global network of health specialists pursue a higher standard every day. We push our Peruvian health worker training program to go beyond today’s targets, creating systems that will produce qualified, motivated health workers long after our project ends. We reimagine TB care in Ukraine, so people living with both HIV and TB can receive integrated care in a single setting, rather than traveling to separate hospitals. We embrace project management as a discipline, not an afterthought. And we deliver results. Because with decades of experience operating in complex social and political environments, we know how to quickly mobilize resources, seamlessly adapt to change and strategically apply lessons learned across all our projects.

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    Robert Brookes Robert Brookes is a public health and project management specialist with more than 14 years of experience designing and managing assistance programs across sectors of development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He currently leads efforts to develop corporate relationships with health organizations and experts, and contributes to industry initiatives and discourse to promote and further global goals for health. Prior to joining Chemonics, Mr. Brookes conducted research on vaccines for cancer and bacterial infections and served as a U.S. Crisis Corps Volunteer in El Salvador, working with Project Concern International. He has also served as a U.S Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, working primarily with teachers in rural settings to integrate health education into schools’ curricula. Mr. Brookes has an MPH/MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Mary Washington. Read more

    Bruno BenavidesDr. Bruno Benavides, a health systems and services specialist with more than 30 years of experience in public health and health systems strengthening, currently serves as the deputy director for HRH2030. Prior to joining Chemonics, he worked as a senior technical advisor leading quality and performance improvement efforts for health initiatives in Asia, Latin America, and Africa for Jhpiego. Dr. Benavides was previously director of health services and programs for Peru’s Ministry of Health, and principal investigator at the Nutrition Research Institute in Peru. He has a bachelor’s degree in human medicine; a medical degree from San Marcos National University in Peru, with a specialization in integrated health care and health services management; and a diploma in health system management from the University of London. Read more


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