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Combating HIV and AIDS

HIV/AIDS continues to have a devastating global impact, and developing countries struggle in their response to the epidemic. Building on more than 35 years of providing development assistance and technical expertise around the world, Chemonics brings diverse skills and wide-ranging experience to HIV/AIDS programming.
Programming in the workplace. In Vietnam, Chemonics addresses HIV/AIDS through workplace interventions. The project creates curriculum-based prevention and stigma-reduction programs and encourages employers to adopt HIV/AIDS workplace policies. In addition, the project works with businesses to encourage employment of people living with HIV/ AIDS and people in high-risk groups, such as recovering drug users. To achieve these objectives, the project team workswith businesses and government organizations to build the capacity of enterprises and vocational training institutions.
Strengthening drug supply chains. In Kenya, Chemonics works with the Kenyan government to establish a reliable, sustainable pharmaceutical supply-chain management system. This project will forecast, procure, store, and distribute drugs, supplies, and equipment needed for the care and treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS.
Bolstering local organizations. In Uganda, Chemonics strengthens local organizations to achieve and sustain results in the national fight against HIV/AIDS. On the Uganda AIDS Capacity Enhancement project, Chemonics provided targeted technical assistance to nongovernmental organizations and select units within the government. Currently Chemonics serves a dual role as the technical management agent and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) agent for the Uganda Civil Society Fund, a multidonor basket fund housed within the Uganda AIDS Commission. As the technical management agent, Chemonics strengthens the operations of the fund and the capacity of Ugandan civil society groups receiving fund grants. As the M&E agent, Chemonics strengthens the M&E system for the fund and the M&E skills of civil society groups to ensure that activities are aligned with national strategies and decisions are driven by sound data.
Strengthening the Ministry of Health. In Zambia, Chemonics worked with the Ministry of Health to improve the infection prevention and injection safety practices of the health-care workforce and reduce the incidence of medical transmission of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. Chemonics trained health-care personnel in proper injection safety practices, provided essential injection equipment to public health-care facilities, and used behavior change communications to reduce community demand for injections.
Targeting at-risk populations. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Integrated HIV/AIDS Program works to reduce the HIV prevalence rate and mitigate the impact of the disease on people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, through the “Champion Communities” model, a community mobilization approach that allows communities to set their own health priorities and targets, individualizing prevention, care and support, and treatment programs according to local needs and resources. 
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