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Supply Chain Solutions

Optimizing supply chains to deliver essential commodities and improve markets worldwide

Access to medicines, health products, food, and other essential commodities is elemental to ending extreme poverty, building human capacity, and creating vibrant markets around the world. Our multi-sector supply chain solutions practice optimizes supply chain performance in low- and middle-income countries. Our dynamic portfolio of long-term projects adapts private sector practices to build resilient supply chains that have world-class efficiency, ease of use, and last-mile reach.

Data Visibility: Accurate real-time data is at the heart of effective supply chains. Instant knowledge of the status of any commodity delivery, alongside a range of metrics related to market dynamics, logistics performance, and other factors, provides key stakeholders the knowledge to make real-time decisions.

Commercial Best Practices: We adapt proven commercial methods and tools to optimize supply chain performance and build country-level capacity, using integrated logistics strategies and other tools to improve operations along local and global supply chains.

ISO 9001 Certification: Building on our own experience pursuing and managing an ISO 9001-certfied Quality Management System, we help local and global supply chains apply these principles and facilitate ISO 9001 certification where appropriate.

Strong Local Systems: Our holistic and participatory approach to strengthening in-country supply chain systems is designed to achieve lasting impact. Using a four-step framework—engage, empower, enable, and evolve—we work through and with local stakeholders to help them introduce, enhance, and/or institutionalize systems thinking-based approaches and tools to improve their supply chains for essential commodities.

Robust Global Engagement: Tracking, analyzing, and sharing market dynamics worldwide is critical to optimizing price and quality while ensuring a sustainable supply of products. We collaborate with existing market dynamics stakeholders to identify and fill gaps in supply chains, gain efficiencies, and reduce stockouts. Beyond market dynamics, we coordinate with stakeholders around the world on systems strengthening and disseminating best practices.


    Featured Projects


    Anthony Savelli Anthony Savelli has more than 27 years of experience in international public health. Prior to his current role, Mr. Savelli worked on the USAID/Kenya Pharma project, led three USAID pharmaceutical management projects, and served as a pharmacist in the Peace Corps. He gained extensive experience in health systems strengthening, capacity building, grants management, and community health as chief of party for both the Afghanistan Health Services Enhancement Project and Rural Expansion of Afghanistan’s Community-based Healthcare (REACH) project. Mr. Savelli has a Bachelor’s in pharmacy and a Master’s in public and international affairs both from the University of Pittsburgh. Read more

    George EllisWith more than 25 years of experience leading strategic innovations and web‐based solutions for global supply chains of Fortune 200 companies, including Merck, Tyco, and Raytheon, George Ellis is skilled in planning, sourcing, logistics, and quality assurance. Having worked with public and private sector clients in several industries, including health care and defense, he has considerable experience in integrating IT systems and supply chains to enhance product quality, availability, and delivery, improve customer service, expand operational efficiencies, enhance processes, and achieve procurement savings. He developed and implemented Raytheon’s first global integrated logistics strategy, leading a team of 2,500 staff to transform supply chain management and logistics processes and improve performance metrics reporting. Mr. Ellis also developed Merck and Company’s $1.2 billion global integrated logistics and sourcing strategy covering warehousing, distribution, supply chain management systems, and fleet operations in more than 140 countries. Mr. Ellis holds a B.A, in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and an M.B.A. in general management from Harvard University. Read more


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