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Economic Growth and Trade

Enhancing competitiveness and trade and improving public financial management and enabling environments
Chemonics’ global network of specialists understands that development problems are complex and interrelated. So we rely on a combination of broad regional experience, technical depth, and unparalleled management skills to strengthen economic growth and trade around the world. From decades of experience, we know that financial services are key for broad-based economic growth and we work with financial institutions to increase their availability. To help countries sustainably address their own development needs and provide efficient and effective public services, we work with governments to build accountable public financial management systems. To ensure policies align closely with economic objectives, we facilitate strategic regulatory reform and encourage trade integration. We promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the underlying market infrastructure to create, grow, and sustain businesses that stimulate economic growth.

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Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development:
Through market systems strengthening, micro, small and medium enterprise development, and entrepreneurship promotion, Chemonics helps to create, grow, and sustain businesses that stimulate economic growth. Using a facilitation approach, we work with local businesses and services providers to improve market linkages, foster innovation and product development, increase access to new or improved inputs, and identify market opportunities. We improve access to capital, enhance the technical skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs and employees, and strengthen the sustainability of high-quality business development services, leading to increases in enterprises, jobs, and incomes.
Financial Services:
Recognizing that financial services are a key contributor to broad-based economic growth, Chemonics works with financial institutions to increase the availability and affordability of financial services for MSMEs, and underserved populations. We help financial institutions develop and improve micro-lending products, leasing, purchase order financing, mobile money, insurance, and savings products, and help them expand small and medium enterprise (SME) lending by utilizing Development Credit Authority credit guarantees. Chemonics also partners with host country government ministries, central banks, regulators, and other key institutions to develop appropriate financial sector policies and regulations as well as to establish capital markets, credit bureaus, and other key institutions that make up a country’s financial infrastructure.
Public Financial Management:
To help countries better address their development needs and provide efficient and effective public services to their citizens, Chemonics works with governments to build and maintain sound, effective, transparent, and accountable public financial management systems. We increase institutional and human capacity to forecast, manage, and increase domestic resource mobilization, and simultaneously build capacity to plan and execute budgets, as well as to monitor, evaluate, and report on budget expenditures. Chemonics engages in fiscal policy and pension reform, improves debt management and government procurement, and provides technical assistance in auditing, systems design, hardware, and customs operations.
Trade and Regulatory Reform:
To help countries realize the economic benefits of increased trade, Chemonics facilitates trade capacity building and regulatory reform, and promotes trade integration through regional and bilateral trade agreements. Our programs strengthen governments' institutional capacity to coordinate trade and tariff policies, build the capacity of governmental staff to negotiate and implement trade agreements, and support reform for border crossing operations and build the capacity of customs officials. We facilitate World Trade Organization accession and compliance; support trade policy improvements and the establishment of single windows; and improve competition policy, investor protection, and trade-related infrastructure, while engaging in trade promotion to enable countries to benefit fully from trade agreements, resulting in increased investment, jobs, and economic growth.
Business-Enabling Environment:
By reducing barriers to competition, strengthening legal frameworks, and promoting transparent business practices, Chemonics cultivates business climates that enable economic growth. Our approach focuses on reducing risk, lowering the costs of doing business, and creating a confidence-inspiring investment climate. Partnering with host-country governments, we streamline business procedures, encourage operational transparency, increase competition, and develop efficient tax and customs processes. Our programs improve business regulations to decrease transaction costs, strengthen investment and help businesses succeed by increasing the ease of doing business. We build collaborative partnerships with government counterparts, and contribute to improving countries’ World Bank Doing Business Rankings, benefitting individuals, businesses and countries at-large. The resulting enabling environment improvements lead to increased investments, job creation, and business growth around the world.

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    Melissa ScudoMs. Scudo is a financial services specialist with more than 14 years experience in micro, small and medium enterprise finance, financial sector reform, program design and management and impact assessment. Previously Ms. Scudo was a home office director for an economic programming project in Asia and the Middle East. Prior to Chemonics, she developed product and loan administration tools and supervised impact assessments of microfinance interventions with rural banks in the Philippines. Ms. Scudo also spent time as the director of a statewide micro/small business association in Colorado and a program officer in the Grameen Foundation. She is a former senior manager of a business banking research program at the Corporate Executive Board, where she managed a portfolio of more than 121 financial institutions. She holds a M.A. in developmental economics from The Heller School of Social Policy and Management. Read more

    Giuliana Canessa WalkerGiuliana Canessa Walker is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) specialist with more than 13 years of experience designing, implementing, and monitoring economic development and education programs in Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and the Middle East. Prior to Chemonics, she was the project director for Peru 2021, where she managed CSR programs funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, built strategic partnerships, and conducted social and environmental assessments for companies based on the Ethos-Peru 2021 indicators and the Global Reporting Initiative. During her MBA in strategy from George Washington University, she worked at Microsoft’s Community’s Affairs Division. Ms. Walker co-authored the “Peruvian CSR Indicators Guide” and “The ABCs of CSR,” and has trained more than 140 professionals on these topics. Ms. Walker also has a B.A. in business administration from the Universidad del Pacifico in Peru.​ Read more

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