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Private Sector Partners

We partner with private sector firms, both in the United States and abroad, to build effective teams, deliver the best results for our clients and beneficiaries, maximize the resources we apply to our projects, and promote sustainable change.

Private sector firms bring unique resources, know-how, and solutions to international development. Chemonics builds partnerships with companies to harness that experience and achieve greater results. Bringing the private sector into development also promotes a market-based approach that lasts well beyond an individual project.

Below are several examples of projects implemented on behalf of USAID and other donor agencies, which strategically leveraged partnerships with the private sector.

In addition to these projects, Chemonics works directly with corproate clients to design, implement, and evaluate social and community investment programs. If you would like to learn more about our work with private sector clients, please visit the Corporate Partnerships Practice page:

Working with Local Telecom Firm to Deliver Agricultural Information to Farmers in Haiti

Working with Haitian telecommunications firm Digicel, the Haiti Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources has launched an SMS-based agricultural extension system that serves as an information delivery mechanism for rural farmers. Using this newly developed system, the project is providing farmers with information on proper planting practices, new products or equipment, availability and use of inputs, and market prices.

Managing a Private Sector Supply Chain of Antiretroviral Therapy in Kenya

The Kenya Pharma project is partnering with the Kenyan government to create a reliable and sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain management system to procure and distribute antiretroviral commodities in a timely and efficient manner. The system will improve forecasting and planning for commodity procurement needs, reduce costs, increase local resources for quality assurance, and conquer “last-mile” logistics to ensure that supplies reach remote areas.

Expanding Access to Services through Franchising in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Smiling Sun Franchise Program is developing an independent health franchise system of 324 clinics run by local nongovernmental organizations. Through this network, more than 975,000 children have received DPT3 immunizations, and skilled birth attendants have assisted with 58,000 deliveries. Moreover, the project has leveraged $2.6 million from companies including Chevron, Grameen Phone, and H&M to construct and operate clinics, donate equipment, and increase access to high-quality services.

Leveraging Public and Private Investment to Develop Critical Transportation Infrastructure in Peru

The Poverty Reduction and Alleviation Program helped to increase the supply and quality of transportation infrastructure critical to facilitate enterprise development, improve competitiveness, and spur economic growth. The project’s groundbreaking work resulted in more than $584 million in private capital investments to build the 960-km Amazon North Highway and a container terminal in the Port of Callao.

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