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Nonprofits and Educational Institutions

Working through our common missions, we often collaborate with international nonprofits and educational institutions to further the social, environmental, and economic goals of our projects.

Chemonics endeavors to work with organizations that share the same passion for making a positive impact on the communities we serve, including nonprofits and educational institutions. Local and international organizations often have rich experience working directly in the poorest communities to further the social, environmental, and economic goals of the people, especially women.

In the Palestinian Health Sector Reform and Development project, for instance, we have partnered with dozens of local communities and NGOs to strengthen the capacity of Palestinian health institutions to provide effective outreach services for improved health and safety outcomes. Universities and other academic institutions offer a wealth of innovative research and practical experience.

Together, we promote education and literacy, workforce development, and knowledge transfer around the world. Chemonics’ collaboration with academic institutions is not limited to universities in the United States, but also extends to the countries where we work. In the field of agriculture, for example, scientists and researchers work with our senior project staff to develop and disseminate approaches and technologies for maximizing crop yield, effectively increasing production and economic benefit to farmers.

Partnering with local universities offers a unique opportunity to directly impact the future leaders of a country; providing hands on experience for students and professors to engage in best practices with innovative technologies.



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