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Chemonics Reaffirms Commitment to Partnering with Small Disadvantaged Businesses at 13th Small Business Fair

Chemonics hosted its 13th Small Business Fair on Thursday, November 10, 2011 with a focus on small disadvantaged businesses or SDBs. Representatives from 26 different underutilized business designations learned about best practices for partnering with Chemonics and met with employees from across the company to discuss opportunities for future collaboration.
At the November event, small business participants learned about subcontracting with Chemonics and working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The fair featured presentations by Kimberly Ball, Deputy Director of USAID’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, and also featured Mihir Desai, President of Dexis Consulting Group, and Jennifer Park, Business Development Manager of Solimar International, two small businesses that have a long successful partnership with Chemonics. The fair also included a business luncheon as well as a networking session with Chemonics new business staff and technical leaders.
“We are committed to small business,” said Richard Dreiman, CEO of Chemonics International. “We started as a small business more than 36 years ago, when there was one person in the company: Tony Teele, our founder and first president. We are looking for partners, who all share our commitment to development, and who share that same passion we had when we first started.”
Chemonics’ has always had a strong commitment to partnering with small businesses. Previous fairs have led to many long-lasting relationships with small business partners. Chemonics has partnered with over 40 percent of the 190 businesses that have attended small business fairs, and several have gone on to prime USAID contracts.
“When you are working with a great implementer like Chemonics, you're getting an enormous track record in terms of your activities of assignments and the personnel you're moving,” said Mihir Desai, president and CEO of Dexis Consulting Group, “To me the true return on investment, or ROI, in working with Chemonics is that when working with a great implementer, you can become a great implementer yourself.”
Participants in the 2011 Small Business Fair at Chemonics
Amethyst Technologies, LLC
Bixal Solutions Inc.
Development & Training Services, Inc. (dTS)
Development InfoStructure, Inc. (Devis)
Dexis Consulting Group
Duca Consulting International
DW Turner, Inc.
Elan International, LLC
FEi Systems, Inc.
Galindo Consulting Group, Inc.
Global Intellectual Property Strategy Center, P.C.
Information Experts Inc.
International Business Express, Inc. (IBEX)
International Police Training and Consulting Services, LLC (IPTACS)
Learning Everywhere
Links Media, LLC
LTL Strategies
Morgan Borszcz Consulting, LLC (MBC)
Pillar Systems Corporation Risk and Strategic Management Consulting LLC (RSM)
SEGURA Consulting LLC
Sustainable Development International, Inc.
UHL & Associates, Inc.
Urban Governance Collaborative, LLC (UGC)
Vincent Roa Group LLC
WebFirst, Inc.
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