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Chemonics Announces New Regional Business Unit Changes

Chemonics announced it is restructuring its regional business divisions to become even more responsive to the needs of its beneficiaries, clients, staff, and partners in each local environment.

President and CEO Richard Dreiman has announced Chemonics has restructured its regional divisions, moving from six regional divisions to 13 regional business units. The changes create smaller, more flexible, and more responsive regional units that will allow regional staff to respond more quickly and effectively to client requirements and market opportunities.

“Since our founding in 1975, Chemonics has always focused on providing exceptional service and delivering high quality results to our clients,” Dreiman said. “As we have grown over the years, our regional structure has changed to reflect the needs of our clients. Change has always been a hallmark of Chemonics. Our ability to change and transform ourselves — while staying true to our fundamentals — is one of the most exciting qualities of our company, and this is another evolution in striving to serve our clients, our beneficiaries, and our staff.”

The regional business units include:

  • East Africa, led by Senior Vice President Jamey Butcher
  • Southern Africa, led by Senior Vice President Melissa Logan
  • West and Central Africa, led by Senior Vice President Josh Leland
  • Central and Eastern Europe, led by Senior Vice President Anna Slother
  • Caucasus and Central Asia, led by Senior Vice President Emet Mohr
  • Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, led by Senior Vice President Mauricio Gutierrez
  • South America, led by Senior Vice President Steve Pelliccia
  • Haiti, led by Rhett Gurian
  • Middle East, led by Senior Vice President Chris Scott
  • Egypt, North Africa, and Yemen, led by Senior Vice President Andrew Lewis
  • East Asia, led by Senior Vice President Jonathan Simon
  • South Asia, led by Senior Vice President Jim Griffin
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan remains as one regional business unit, led by Senior Vice Presidents Eric Reading and Tracey Shanks

Additionally, the company has formed a stand-alone Information Technology division that reflects its commitment to investing in technology and leveraging technology as a strategic tool. Chief Information Officer Richard Prather is leading the group.

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