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Our Leadership Team

Susanna Mudge, President and CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer Susanna Mudge came to Chemonics in 1992 and has served the company in many key leadership roles, including as executive vice president, senior vice president of the Latin America and Caribbean region, and as director of several of the company's larger programs. She brings in-depth global expertise in strategic private sector development, organizational development, trade and investment promotion and sustainable natural resource management. Ms. Mudge sees quality project management as "inextricably linked to business success because that is what differentiates us and makes us competitive." Raised both in the U.S. and in several countries in Latin America, she began her career as a regional development and tourism specialist for the Organization of American States, then as a privatization specialist with Ernst and Young, responsible for managing marketing and investment projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Ms. Mudge holds a B.A. from Oberlin College and an MBA from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Read more.

Eric Reading, Executive Vice President

Since Executive Vice President Eric Reading joined Chemonics in 1994, he has served in leadership roles in the both the field and the home office. As senior vice president he significantly expanded Chemonics work in the Middle East region and subsequently led the Afghanistan and Pakistan region. Prior to joining the executive team, he worked in Kosovo and Egypt as chief of party and technical advisor for institutional strengthening programs. Mr. Reading’s development technical experience crosses a range of sectors, including governance, infrastructure, economic development, financial services, and agriculture and he has significant experience in post-conflict recovery. In addition to overseeing the implementation of Chemonics development and transition work globally, he leads our internal systems strengthening. Mr. Reading holds an M.A. from Florida State University and is a PhD candidate in Governance and Globalization at Virginia Tech. Read more.

Jamey Butcher, Executive Vice President

Since joining Chemonics in 1998, Executive Vice President Jamey Butcher has served across a variety of roles and regions. Mr. Butcher previously served as the senior vice president of the Strategic Communications and Solutions Division and the East Africa region. He also led and participated in a number of business development initiatives for both the former Global Division and the Europe and Eurasia region. In addition to diversifying the company’s portfolio and developing a quality assurance approach for new business, Mr. Butcher has also trained staff in innovative enterprise development methods. While providing strategic management and operational oversight of Chemonics, Mr. Butcher draws from experience as a private sector development specialist with more than 20 years of experience in Eurasia, Latin America, and Asia. From Guyana to Sri Lanka to Morocco, Mr. Butcher has conducted technical assignments encompassing international trade, competitiveness, and micro-, small, and medium enterprise development. He also served as chief of party of the Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative (MEDI). Mr. Butcher received an M.A. from American University in international political economy and a B.A. in political science from Colorado State University. Read more.

William Keller, Chief Financial Officer

William Keller is the Chief Financial Officer of Chemonics, and leads the company’s Finance and Accounting Division. Previously, he served as the director of the company’s finance and compliance review team. A certified public accountant, Mr. Keller has more than 12 years of experience in finance, accounting, compliance, and project operations. Since joining Chemonics in 2009 as a manager with the field accounting and compliance team, Mr. Keller has taken on numerous assignments, including helping to establish and serving as finance specialist with the Country Operations Optimization Platform (CO-OP) in Afghanistan and successfully serving as deputy chief of party of the Investment Climate Improvement Project in the West Bank. Mr. Keller holds a bachelor of arts degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Read more.

Michelle Gardner, Senior Vice President, Global Health Division

Currently the senior vice president of the Global Health Division, Michelle Gardner is a public health professional with 20 years of international experience in technical assistance, capacity development, leadership, and management. She has a broad public health background developing and overseeing programming in reproductive health and family planning, maternal and child health, immunization, malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and safe water, with focus on public and private sectors. Previously, Ms. Gardner was the chief of party on the USAID/Philippines Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health–Phase 2 project. Before joining Chemonics, she worked with PATH, the World Health Organization, and the Population Council in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand, implementing and managing public health research and technical assistance programs. Ms. Gardner holds a master’s degree in medical demography from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.​ Read more.

Rhett Gurian, Senior Vice President, West and Central Africa and Haiti

Mr. Gurian is currently the senior vice president of the West and Central Africa and Haiti region, and most recently served as chief of party for the USAID/Syria Essential Services (SES) project based out of Jordan. He also served as chief of party for USAID/OTI earthquake recovery program in Haiti from 2010-2013. Since joining the company in 2003, Mr. Gurian has served in a number of leadership roles and has extensive experience designing and implementing programs focusing on peace, stability, political transition, local governance, and service delivery in Africa, Haiti, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. He began his development career as a Peace Corps education volunteer in Benin. Mr. Gurian is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a B.A. in international relations, public relations, and French. Read more.

Mauricio Gutierrez, Senior Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean

Mr. Gutierrez joined Chemonics in 1996 as a project manager of a water infrastructure concession program in Colombia. Since then, he has served in numerous roles, including managing director and acting chief of party implementing successful and results-oriented projects throughout Latin America and Asia. These have included the CAFTA-DR regional trade initiative in Central America and the Poverty Reduction and Alleviation Project in Peru, where he led the design and implementation of several public-private partnership transactions to develop transport infrastructure. Mr. Gutierrez has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Arizona State University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to his current position, Mr. Gutierrez was senior vice president of Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean. Read more.

Eric Howell, Senior Vice President, Afghanistan

Eric Howell is the senior vice president for the Afghanistan regional business unit at Chemonics. He previously served as the company’s chief financial officer, responsible for corporate financial planning and management. He joined Chemonics in 2005 as a director in the Europe and Eurasia region, overseeing projects in Kosovo, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Prior to working for Chemonics, Mr. Howell served as chief of party for a land privatization project in Ukraine and a privatization project in Belarus, and worked as an investment banker for Salomon Smith Barney in New York and Hong Kong. Read more.

Terri Kristalsky, Senior Vice President, Europe and Eurasia

Terri Kristalsky is currently serving as senior vice president of the Europe and Eurasia regional business unit at Chemonics after successfully serving as chief of party on the Southern Africa Financial Sector Program (FSP). Under FSP, Terri implemented a multi-pronged approach to stimulate increased finance access for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) via policy reform, advising financial intermediaries on innovative methods to target products for SMEs and support financial business development services to increase SME bankability. Terri has worked with Chemonics for the past 15 years, including as chief of party for USAID’s Rural SPEED program in Uganda and as microenterprise initiative team leader for USAID’s AMIR program in Jordan. She is a senior banking, microfinance, and SME development specialist with nearly 30 years of experience in microfinance, commercial finance, business training, and project design and management. Read more.

Andrew Lewis, Senior Vice President, Asia

Mr. Lewis is the current senior vice president for Chemonics' Asia division. Previously, he served as Chemonics’ senior vice president for both the South Asia, and the Egypt, North Africa, and Yemen regions. An education, youth, and workforce development specialist, Mr. Lewis joined Chemonics in 2009 as an education practice director providing technical assistance and leadership to Chemonics’ education portfolio. He serves on the executive committees of the Alliance for International Youth Development, and the Basic Education Coalition. He has managed projects in Egypt, Georgia, and Zambia, as well as provided consulting services to USAID’s global missions. Mr. Lewis began his international career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Samoa. He holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Tennessee and has done graduate work at the George Washington University and Tulane University. Read more.

Melissa Logan, Managing Director, Ethics and Risk Management

Currently leading the corporate ethics and conduct program, Melissa Logan has more than 20 years of experience as a development strategist and executive at Chemonics. Ms. Logan also serves as Vice President for the Washington chapter of the Society for International Development (SID), the world’s largest professional association for development practitioners. She served on Chemonics’ executive team for more than a decade — as Senior Vice President of the Supply Chain Solutions division, the Southern Africa region, and the Knowledge, Communication, and Technology division. In these roles, Ms. Logan has increased innovation, collaboration, and impact across social and economic development programs around the world. In addition, she served as chief of party on a rural development project in El Salvador, which increased economic growth through policy reform and institutional capacity building. Ms. Logan has consulted for development projects in more than 25 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Read more.

Patrick Lohmeyer, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Patrick Lohmeyer is the senior vice president of Chemonics’ Human Resources Division. An international program management specialist, Mr. Lohmeyer has spent most of his career supporting USAID and MCC programs around the world. He has served in a variety of senior leadership positions in both home and field offices, including six years of experience as chief of party or deputy chief of party in Kazakhstan, Albania, and Georgia. He also previously served as the managing director of Chemonics’ Office of Business Conduct, overseeing the company’s global corporate ethics program. He has particular expertise in democracy and governance programs, as well as capacity-building activities. Mr. Lohmeyer joined Chemonics in 2003 and has led successful project management and business development teams company-wide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from Mary Washington College and a master’s degree in political science from George Mason University. Read more.

Gita Maitra, Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions

A senior operations and contracts professional with 25 years of experience managing contracts with USAID and multilateral development banks, Ms. Maitra has extensive experience working with clients and stakeholders to maximize results. She has collaborated with senior U.S. and foreign government officials, including USAID, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, and the U.S. Office of the Inspector General, to support contractual and audit activities. Before joining PSM, she served as senior vice president of Chemonics’ contracts division, where she developed corporate compliance systems and improved staff capacity to ensure the highest ethical standards in management. Building on our ISO 9001‐certified business processes, she also led the development of Chemonics’ contract management software. With her experience implementing USAID projects and overseeing home‐ and field‐office teams, Ms. Maitra brings the operational knowledge to put in place efficient systems to support the PSM headquarters and field teams as they optimize the global health supply chain.​ Read more.

Vlad Mitchev, Controller

As Controller for Chemonics, Vlad Mitchev supervises accounting activities and manages financial controls, systems, and procedures within the Finance and Accounting Department. Mr. Mitchev has over 25 years of executive level financial management experience. His expertise includes regulatory compliance for government contractors, financial and business analysis, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems operations and implementation, and mergers and acquisitions. Previously a senior director at RSM US LLP, Mr. Mitchev served as a trusted finance and accounting advisor to the executive management teams of over 150 not-for-profit organizations and commercial firms. In addition to advising clients on internal accounting functions, Mr. Mitchev also has experience designing and implementing processes for tracking international business licenses, tax, regulatory, and statutory compliance. Mr. Mitchev holds a B.A. in international trade from the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria, an M.A. in marketing and management from the School of Market Economy in Bulgaria, and an MBA from the University of Metz in France. Read more.

Emet Mohr, Senior Vice President, East and Southern Africa

Mr. Mohr served as senior vice president for Caucasus and Central Asia and now serves as the senior vice president for East and Southern Africa. He has broad experience leading program design and implementation throughout Europe and Eurasia, particularly in Georgia, where he was chief of party for an innovative education project. As an education development specialist, Mr. Mohr has conducted technical assignments, from Jordan to Peru, and helped build the education practice at Chemonics. In addition to serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, he has a bachelor's degree from Cornell University and has completed graduate coursework in education at the University of Virginia and George Mason University. Read more.

Michele Piercey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions and Communications Division

Michele Piercey is an international development practitioner with 17 years of experience, including 10 years of long term field assignments on stabilization, political transition and counter-violent extremism (CVE) programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia. Ms. Piercey currently serves as the senior vice president of the Strategic Solutions and Communications Division at Chemonics. Previously, she was the director of the Peace, Stability, and Transition practice, where she led industry outreach on CVE, stability and conflict assistance, supported new business efforts, and provided technical support to projects. Prior to Chemonics, Ms. Piercey served as chief of party on USAID/OTI projects in fragile and conflict affected states. Early in her career, after corporate change management posts with the Australian Department of Defense, she worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on small-scale community engagement projects across Iraq. Ms. Piercey holds a B.A. in political science from the Australian National University. Read more.

Anna Slother, Senior Vice President, ​Supply Chain Solutions

Ms. Slother leads the Supply Chain Solutions Division. She has previously served as senior vice president of the human resources division and the Central and Eastern Europe division. She took on that role after serving for 2 years as a director in the Europe and Eurasia region developing business strategy, marketing, and capacity-building while also serving as director on the $6.6 million three-year Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Program in Azerbaijan. She also served as employee relations director for the Human Resources Division for 3 years and operations director for the Europe and Eurasia region for 2 years. Since joining Chemonics in 1998, Ms. Slother has had extensive experience in business management and the development of training programs in Europe and Eurasia, the Middle East, and Africa. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and Asian studies as well as a certificate in teaching English as a second language from Beloit College. Read more.

Chris R. Smith, Senior Vice President, Risk Management Division

As leader of the Risk Management Division and Corporate Ethics Officer, Mr. Smith oversees corporate ethics and compliance systems, support for contract and subcontract, grants, procurement of goods and services, and field compliance reviews. Starting with Chemonics in 1980, Mr. Smith developed and managed projects in the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. He led various business units and helped the transition to an employee stock ownership program. He brings a range of experience in environment, natural resources, economic growth, infrastructure, governance, and institutional strengthening. Before Chemonics, Mr. Smith worked with CARE in Egypt, Central America, and Jordan and with the Peace Corps in Guatemala. Prior to his current position, Mr. Smith was senior vice president of the Contracts Division. Read more.

Can Varol, Treasurer

As Treasurer for Chemonics, Can Varol oversees corporate management of banking relationships, global cash position, lines of credit, foreign currency risks, budgeting and financial analysis, and field accounting functions. Mr. Varol has over 12 years of financial management and compliance experience in government contracting and USAID implementation. He has conducted compliance assessments, led grants management, and overseen field office operations during this time. Previously at Chemonics, Mr. Varol served in Afghanistan as the senior compliance and finance advisor and in Turkey as the deputy chief of operations. While at Booz Allen Hamilton, Mr. Varol worked with the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in grant portfolio monitoring and oversight. Mr. Varol holds an M.B.A. from the George Washington University and a B.A. in business administration from the College of William and Mary. Read more.

Jeff Wuorinen, Senior Vice President, Middle East and North Africa

Jeff Wuorinen is currently the senior vice president of the Middle East and North Africa region at Chemonics. Mr. Wuorinen joined Chemonics in 2011 and has served as a director in the Middle East and Southern Africa regions, as well as a director for Chemonics’ Water and Sanitation Practice. Mr. Wuorinen also successfully served as chief of party for Chemonics’ Water Infrastructure Support and Enhancement for Lebanon (WISE) project and Chemonics’ Egypt Water and Wastewater Sector Support (WWSS) program. Prior to joining Chemonics, Mr. Wuorinen helped lead a specialized public-private partnerships consulting firm and managed its integration into a major engineering and international development firm. Mr. Wuorinen received his bachelor’s degree in political science and international studies from Saint Louis University. Read more.

Doris Youngs, Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions

Doris Youngs has more than 20 years of experience managing field‐based implementation and global operations of USAID health programs, including seven years in the field supporting USAID‐funded multi‐country and bilateral programs. As the chief of party, she led USAID’s $57.3 million Rwanda Family Health Project, four-year integrated family health project working across 20 out of 30 districts in Rwanda to deliver high-quality, comprehensive health services by strengthening the health care delivery system through targeted interventions at the central, district, and community level. Ms. Youngs led the Family Health Project to execute 178 sub‐grants in only one month to keep the lights on at 163 health facilities. She oversaw the administration of more than 300 grants with a life-of-project value of more than $20 million. Before joining Chemonics, Ms. Youngs served as director of field operations for the USAID‐funded Capacity Project, where she oversaw creation and rollout of global corporate policies, systems, and operational support for 17 field offices and 34 country programs, including developing procurement policies and procedures for all offices. She holds an M.P.H. from the American University of Beirut. She is fluent in Arabic. Read more.


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