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Frequently Asked Questions for Entry-Level Professionals

What is the ELP Program?
The ELP program is a component of a new associate’s job in their first year. It is a one-year leadership and development program that provides an extra layer of support for new associates as they advance through their first year at Chemonics. Over the course of the one-year period, associates attend quarterly meetings to share ideas and best practices with other new employees, and learning events through which associates gain knowledge about specializations within Chemonics and an understanding of possible career paths.

How does the associate recruitment process work?

Chemonics recruits associates in regions or support divisions based on business need. As associate positions become available, we review resumes submitted through the online application process to identify candidates whose skills most closely match the scope and criteria of open positions. The recruitment process includes a telephone interview, when applicable, a language test, a panel interview, and reference and background checks. The language test consists of a 30-minute written section and a 30-minute oral section.​

What if I am not a U.S. national?

There is an abundance of individuals qualified for associate positions in the United States. As a result, U.S. immigration guidelines make it difficult to provide special visas to foreign nationals for these positions. Chemonics does not sponsor work authorization visas for associate positions and requires that those offered employment in the United States provide proof of work eligibility and identification.

Am I at a disadvantage if I do not have a master’s degree?
Not at all. Depending on the needs of a particular position or the makeup of a particular department, some recruitment panels will look for people with master’s degrees while others will not. In fact to date, about half of those hired through the program have master’s degrees while the rest hold a bachelor’s degree.

Do you hire people from outside of the Washington, D.C., area?
We do. We conduct interviews via Skype on a case-by-case basis. Candidates must finance their relocation expenses if offered a position.

What do you look for in candidates?
We look for people who are enterprising, energetic, intellectually curious, and who are passionate about our mission—to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives. Because most of the work we do is team-based, we look for people who work well in teams and have good interpersonal skills. We also look for people who take initiative and share innovative ideas. Candidates must possess a commitment to integrity and cultural sensitivity, as our work is international. Knowledge of a foreign language is helpful but not required. Because the job of an associate is administrative at its core, we look for well-organized and detail-oriented people. And we look for individuals who display the characteristics of a Chemonics professional: versatility, leadership, and integrity.

How long is the ELP Program?
During the first year of employment, we provide an extra layer of support to facilitate the professional development of new associates and help them visualize a career path at Chemonics. Participation in the ELP program is not connected to promotion potential, which is based on performance and the availability of open positions.

How do I create or update my application to the ELP Program?
We invite you to create a profile in our Career Center. After a profile is created, you will be able to search the Career Center and apply to available associate jobs or set up a response agent to receive notifications when an associate-level position in your area of interest becomes available. If any of your information has changed (contact information, experience, etc.), log back into your profile and make the corrections directly. This ensures that we have the most up-to-date information against which to compare our staffing needs.

How can I find out about the status of my application?
Upon completing a profile and applying to a job, you will be able to track your Applicant History in the Career Center. If you are considered by one of our recruitment panels, we will contact you either by e-mail or telephone. Please keep in mind that hiring for associate positions is driven by needs of our departments. We cannot predict when there will be a position fitting your skills and qualifications.

What if several months have elapsed and I have not heard anything?
Associate positions at Chemonics are highly competitive and not everyone is contacted. Additionally, because each position requires a particular set of skills and experience, it may be that a position appropriate to your skills and experience has not yet become available. If you are still interested and available, please keep your profile current in the Career Center so that recruiters can properly evaluate your skills and qualifications should an appropriate opportunity arise.

What positions do you hire for?
We hire associates for a range of positions across the company. Many people focus on Chemonics’ regional divisions, but our support divisions also provide great opportunities for getting to know the business, networking throughout the company, and participating in exciting initiatives. Associates help support our field projects, develop proposals for new business, facilitate internal and external training sessions, procure equipment, solve information technology problems, and edit proposals and reports that we provide to our main client, USAID, among other tasks.

Do you have an internship or co-op program?
Chemonics hires students on a short-term basis periodically for specific tasks. Interested students should setup a profile through our Career Center and apply to relevant positions. Internships are not guaranteed and are based on workload demands.

If you are having trouble submitting your application, please contact us at Please do not send resumes or applications.

Where do I apply to the ELP Program?
We invite you to create a profile in our Career Center. After a profile is created, you will be able to apply to associate jobs through the program. In addition, hiring teams will be able to search your profile when an associate position becomes available.

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Interested in applying to the program? Visit our ​Apply to the ELP Program page!
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