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Teachers Prove They Are Powerful Force in Angola

The Essential Health Services Program is training teachers to deliver Key HIV and AIDS prevention messages on abstinence, being faithful, and condom use.
​USAID has worked with the people of Angola for 15 years. The Essential Health Services Program contributed efforts to reach students in public schools with HIV and AIDS prevention messages.

“This effort has made me feel that we are a powerful force,” said Paula Bravo (pictured, left), director of general education at the Luanda Provincial Directorate of Education. Paula and Nazare Dos Santos (pictured, right), who was in charge of health education at the Provincial Health Directorate, put together a team responsible for transferring AB (abstinence and being faithful) and ABC (abstinence, being faithful, and condom use) messages to all students in Luanda.
Nazare said that when she started working with the Essential Health Services Program (Serviços Essenciais de Saúde) on a proposal for public schools, she thought it was better to start with just a few schools. With Paula’s help, the proposal expanded to all municipalities. Through the enthusiasm of teachers and based on decisive support from Luanda Provincial Directorate of Education and Provincial Health Directorate directors, the effort aimed to reach all the schools in all of Luanda’s municipalities.
During the first stage, schools were selected from all nine municipalities. Two teachers from each school were charged with training 20 to 30 teachers each. Each teacher facilitated educational chats with AB and ABC messages at their school. The students did the same for other youth and people in their community during their “community hour.”
Teachers from neighboring provinces requested to be included in the program, highlighting a strong demand to provide this information to students. Motivation was a driving force. One committed teacher received permission from her church to provide educational chats during services and in church schools.  


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