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Helping to Build a Kindergarten in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With USAID funding, Srbac citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina  were able to actualize their dream of revamping the education system by building a kindergarten.

The small, war-torn town of Srbac in Bosnia and Herzegovina was in desperate need of a kindergarten, especially for the 57 children with special needs in the community.  USAID's Government Accountability Project II (GAP) funded and spearheaded the construction of a kindergarten that educates more than 130 of the town’s young inhabitants. 

A kindergartner at the opening ceremony of Kindergarten “Nasa Radost,” located in Srbac.
“The quality of life in this town has improved largely, and we in the municipality management have become a far more responsible and transparent administration,” said Mirko Kojic, mayor of Srbac. “Our municipality has financially participated in the reconstruction of the kindergarten, but without the help of GAP project, I admit we would never find this money in our budget and use it for such a humane and necessary cause.”

But the project didn’t stop with building a kindergarten. It built 64 capital projects in more than 39 municipalities. The project also made sure to gain the input of the local population through town meetings, focus groups, and surveys. GAP is funded and managed by the U.S., Swedish, and Dutch aid agencies and seeks to help local government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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