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New Opportunities for Women in Afghanistan

The Afghan Women’s Business Council is creating a better future for Afghan women, building business partnerships with new women’s organizations in Kabul and Parwan and expanding their work in the agriculture sector.

​In November 2011, the Afghanistan Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) closed after five years of working with herders, farmers, and local businesses throughout all 34 provinces of Afghanistan to help develop and improve the country’s agriculture sector. One of the primary goals of the program was opening doors for Afghan women to participate in the economy. 

ASAP partnered with the Afghan Women’s Business Council (AWBC) to provide training to members working on the Badam Bagh farm in Kabul to harvest, clean, and pack fruits and vegetables with modern agriculture methods.

Since the partnership at Badam Bagh began, AWBC earned more than $82,432, provided incomes to 892 female workers, and benefited 3,464 families. 
The women of the AWBC are planning for the future, building a business consortium comprising 11 partner female organizations in Kabul and Parwan provinces and drafting plans for a multipurpose building on the Badam Bagh farm to be used as a farm store, display area, and training center. ASAP contributed financing toward this building.
ASAP trained 466,721 goat herders nationwide, about 21 percent of whom were women, on the value of cashmere and proper harvesting methods. It supplemented practical training in the field with 402,462 pieces of extensional materials and 250,000 radios that allowed the herders to listen to educational messages on livestock productivity.

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